Where did the last days go? What have I done? Did I say thank you?

I do feel that time is rushing by even faster than ever. Even though the children are at an age where they all can manage rather well. By that I mean they can take care of themselves.13, 19, still living at home and 22 and 25 left home.

But if I ask myself what have I achieved today then the answer would be nothing. But what is it I expect out of my day? What is it that I feel that I have to do?

This is what I have done. Made the beds, loaded 4 washing machines, made lunch, walked the dog, went to the reused center with our garbage, did som gardening, made hot chocolate with whipped cream and sat in the garden with candle light and essence sticks eating a cinnamon cake, in the presence of my husband and the family dog. Spent a couple of hours in the village with our daughter Liv  (bought myself a winter coat). Last but not leat brain stormed a new idea with Rolf. And its only 18.00 sill lots of time to do lots more or?

Picture taken from Donna Hays Magazine


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