Christmas just around the corner…

Every year I have mixed feelings about Christmas. I love it and dislike it.

Why dislike? –  I think it is because I have no happy memory’s of my childhood and no memories of nice family Christmas get together as a child.

Love it because. I love to give. I love when all the children are home. I do enjoy December with all the Christmas themes, smells, music. baking cakes, sweets, wrapping presents etc.

In Sweden we celebrate Christmas Eve. This is when we open our presents. Our Christmas dinner is a “smoegaesbord” with lots of pickled herring, salmon, cheeses, meatballs and lots and lots more. To drink we have “Swedish gloegg” which is like a “mulled wine” and the Swedish snaps.

I was thinking of giving you some nice and easy Swedish recipes for some typical Swedish Christmas food. Keep your eyes open, will be coming soon.

Swedish gingerbread "God Jul"


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  1. m-mubi says:

    Yes. You are right! Christmas is coming ^^.

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