Christmas Gift – Saffron Vinegar

To give gifts that are home-made are very much appreciated. This recipe/gift is one that need to done asap, because it needs 4 weeks to settle.

First you need to find a nice a couple of bottles that you want to give as a gift. You can find some really nice ones in the shop and when empty they are not so expensive. Or if you are lucky to have a Oxfam or Charity shop close by you could find an old crystal carafe or something else that would be suitable.

  • 1 orange
  • 2 pkt of Saffron (1 gr)
  • 1 liter of white wine vinegar
  • Orange peel

Wash the orange and cut into slices. Put oranges slices into a large glass jar and add the saffron.

Pour over the vinegar. Put the lid on tight and leave to stand for 4 weeks in a warm and daylight area.

Sieve the vinegar from the orange slices. Pour into the cleaned bottles and  add some orange peel. Put the cork on and a nice label or ribbon which ever you prefer. Good Luck.


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