Christmas under control

Its all under control. Presents a bought and wrapped. The tree has been trimmed. The food is all to picked up on monday. We are meat eaters (I say this because I feel that more and more people are vegetarian) and have ordered the ham etc from the local butcher who only sells organic.

Emma is coming on Tuesday from Stockholm. Simon is working until Wednesday. And the CJ and Liv finish school on Tuesday.   We have a very quite and peaceful christmas with only the family for christmas eve and on christmas day we all go over to my sisters and  have the traditional English turkey with crackers and all the trimmings and for dessert christmas pudding.

Is it me? I can´t  explain it but it does seem so much more relaxed this year. I been giving myself more time the last 6 months. I do a lot of workout at the gym, I take spinning classes. I do my hot yoga 2 – 3 times a week. I think all this brings inner peace.

Hear you can listen to Agnes Carlsson singing Release Me.


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