About my family, my blogg and me..

I am married to Rolf and we have  4 fantastic – amazing – beautiful and loving children.

The love of my life Rolf.  Rolf works as a professional mentor. He loves what he does and he does it so well. Everybody should have a personal mentor young, old yes everybody. You can read about Rolf and his work on his website which I have linked.

Emma, 25 years lives in Stockholm with her boyfriend Martin. Emma works at the head office of Hunky Dory. Take a look at their webpage which you will find under my links. You can also take a look at Acne this is where Martin works, designing jeans.

Simon, 22 years lives in Malmoe. Simon works shifts. During the day  in a clothes shop called De Lux  and in the evenings at very nice restaurant called Lemon Grass. Simon will be moving to Los Angeles in March to start at MI=Musicians Institute. Music is his life.

Carl Johan, 19 years still lives at home. CJ plays golf and is at his last year at graduate school.

Liv, 13 years. Liv loves fashion and writing on her own blog. One of Lives hobbies are taking pictures and I will be showing some of her work on my blog.

Who am I? Well I am coming up to my 52 year. I am an entrepeneur, creative director. I love going to my Bikram (hot yoga) classes as my spinning classes. I try to keep as fit as possible to be able to enjoy life.. you only get one chance, so I might as well do the best of it at all times.

We live in the very south of Sweden called Falsterbo. It must be one of the best places on earth that God created. We are surrounded by water, we have nature reserve just outside the door.

It is the last place that the winter birds stop on their way to warmer countries and the first stop when they all come back in the spring. Falsterbo


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  1. rolfhedman says:

    Nice written! Keep going!

  2. You give me the inspiration.

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