Hot Yoga good for everybody

I found this video about a women who had breast cancer. And has found that the yoga in the hot room has helped her after the radiation. Take a look at the film.

Brain exercise = left & right

The brain is so amazing. I have been watching this lady dance and I get her to change directions. I can’t help myself from laughing because it’s so fantastic. Please try it and see for yourself. Picture taken for “i ♥ it”

Chocolate – Orac

I am a lover of chocolate in all shapes and sizes. I found this very interesting site where you can read all about chocolate. To choose a good dark organic chocolate is so much better for the health than choosing a chocolate with lots of sugar etc. It can even be good for you to eat…

Hope for so many people

Would like to share with you a story about a fantastic ship. A ship that travels the oceans of the world to help many people in need of surgery and medicine. The boat is filled with lots and lots of “Patch Adams”. They perform miracles on so many people. The ship is called “Mercy Ship” Please…


Monday is not one of my favorite days. And to-day is no exception. The sky couldnt get any more grey. This is the time to be grateful for the things that can brighten your day. I am very grateful for many things but especially the following: Our 4 fantastic children My fantastic husband And that I…

Fruity breakfast

I am  going out jogging and taking Lady (the family dog) with me. When I get back I am going to make myself my “fruity breakfast”. 4 fruits that you love eating – peeled and sliced. 1/4 dl of your favorites nuts – mine are walnuts grounded cinnamon 1 dl natural cottage cheese Place your fruit…

Yoga mat – just for you

I came up with a fantastic business idéa a few weeks back. I got all excited. Couldnt wait till Rolf came home from the office to tell him all about my idéas. I was going to make personalized yoga mats and they where going to be eco-friendly as well. Sounds great dont you think? Then…

Yoga at its best

Just back from my morning practice of Bikram Yoga. My teacher Joshua said something that I would like to share with you. “Try during the whole day to think of your loved ones or someone who needs some special attention at the moment.  Send positive thoughts during the entire day. See what happens to yourself…

Make your water beautiful

I do drink a lot of water. Where ever I go I carry my beautiful water bottle with me. Makes the water taste better…Take a look at them.

Relax and enjoy by doing “Nothing”

I have two books that I would like to share with you. “The art of doing nothing” and “The art of imperfection” both by Véronique Vienne. These two books have followed me for a long time. And I love them dearly. Especially this time of year (In Sweden anyway) November wet, windy and cold. We…

H1N1 – Swine Flue Virus

Today all the children at Livs school were given a vaccine to prevent the virus. However we chose that Liv should not have the vaccine. And this because we feel that if you are fit and healthy why poison your body.    


Why do some have so much and some so little ? Why do few people have clean water and most people dirty water? When I sat browsing the web I found this organisation that seems to be doing a fantastic job. And I thought I would share it with you.