Tiger of Sweden since 1903

Here is another big Swedish designer. Tiger of Sweden. They started in 1903. Back then the style was more basic. Today they focus on design and quality.


What a fantastic name. So simple. They have become so popular. Happysocks

Its done – Simons tatoo

Well Simon has now got his tatoo. This is the start and now he is waiting a few weeks to get the colours in. I think its beautiful.

Skin products

I have for many years used Body Shops body lotion, my favorite is coconut. They have so many nice products. Take a look at their site and get inspired.  

Swedish Design – H&M

The leading Swedish fashion shop is “H&M” – Hennes & Mauritz. They have stores in 34 countries and have  approx 73 000 employees.  It is so popular and they have such fantastic prices. They have also started a ” H&M home” here you can find some really good bargains. They are selling some very nice things to…

Swedish Design – Jeans

The Swedes love there jeans – I read somewhere that the Swede has 3 – 4 pair of jeans in is/her closet.  Here you can see a few of the larger brands. Dr Denim Nudie Cheap Monday Acne

Swedish design – Spirit of MAYA

I must recommend these clothes if you are looking for something that is casual yet  looks dressed. I have a few outfits from Maya and I love them. They wash well and colours stay. When washed tumble dry  for a short while (this is so the fabric gets nice and soft again ) –  pull…